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Atlantic Pickleball

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2015 Atlantic Region Pickleball Tournament – Huge Success

On Saturday June 27th, the first ever USAPA Atlantic Regional Pickleball Tournament
Atlantic pickleball tournament came to life in Norwalk Connecticut. By no exaggeration, the tournament was an incredible success.

The 3 day event featured more than 150 participants,
including some of the strongest 5.0 pickleball players from all around the United States. In all, 17 total states were represented at the competition.

The tournament included both skills level competitors as well as age bracketed women’s & men’s singles, doubles and mixed doubles events over the 3 days. Of those 17 states present, Maine players, which included multiple triple medalists, returned home with the lion’s share of the hardware, earning a whopping 38 total podium medals (see full list of state results below).  

A BIG Thank You!

We can’t even remotely begin to thank or mention all of the hard work that went into the planning and execution of a tournament of this magnitude.

Those who contributed included sponsors, referees, score runners, tournament desk officials, graphic designers, social organizers and a very long list of various directors & co-directors….the list goes on and on.

To those individuals and sponsors who contributed (far too many to list) your precious time and resources not only during the tournament but over the preceding 10 months of preparation…..a sincere and greatly appreciated Thank You!!!

This would have never come together without you all.


The Medal Breakdown by State

ME 19 gold, 10 silver, 9 bronze. Total: 38

CT 13 gold, 9 silver, 8 bronze. Total: 30

NY 5 gold, 9 silver, 9 bronze. Total: 23

NH 1 gold, 5 silver, 9 bronze. Total: 15

NJ 8 gold, 2 silver, 4 bronze. Total: 14

PA 4 gold, 5 silver, 1 bronze. Total: 10

IN 2 gold, 4 silver, 2 bronze. Total: 8

MA 2 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze. Total: 7

FLA 2 gold, 2 silver. Total: 4

LA 3 gold. Total: 3

OH 3 gold. Total: 3

RI 1 gold. Total: 1

VA 1 gold. Total: 1

SC 1 silver. Total: 1


Greatly looking forward to seeing everyone again at next year’s 2nd Annual Regional Tournament, which will no doubt be even bigger, better and more successful than this year’s tournament proved to be.

(The jury is still out as to the when and where part, but maybe with a little luck and some prodding of our Regional Director we’ll find some beautifully scenic “Downeast” coastal summer-vacation destination to hold the tournament at….Mmmmm, can’t you just just smell those lobsters & steamers cooking?!?!)


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  • Dave Brower says:

    Glad the event was a success, medal count by state reminds me of the Olympics. Congratulations Maine – you’re the equivalent of Russia in the medal race!

    We Massachusetts folks will have to learn to travel better.

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