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New USAPA Assistant Atlantic Regional Director Named


New USAPA Assistant Atlantic Regional Director Named

Dr. Linda Chen Einsiedler, USAPA New England District Ambassador, has been promoted to become the Assistant Atlantic Regional Director.

Linda Einsiedler, in my opinion, has brought Maine and New England Pickleball from the Minor to the Major League in just one year, she is a powerhouse on and off the court.” From Rocky Clark,  Atlantic Regional Director.

Dr. Einsiedler is an active organizer with Maine Pickleball players. As an Advanced Pickleball Instructor, Linda is devoted to running Intermediate and Advanced player training and development clinics in New England. In 2014, Linda started the first Womens PB Group to develop female Tournament Players in New England.  As a USAPA Referee Trainer, Linda ran the USAPA Referee Training Beta Test Program for the Atlantic Region in 2015. She also assisted the USAPA Steering Committee to develop the Player Survey, serves on the USAPA Ratings Subcommittee, and is working with the USAPA Training Committee to develop an interactive tool for Ambassador training.

In 2015, Linda was instrumental in a community outreach project with Seeds of Peace, an international camp for teenagers from conflict-torn countries across the world.  With volunteers and equipment donations, Pickle for Peace brought PB to first-time players all over the world. At the Pickle for Peace Tournament, newbie players learned to play this wonderful game together…picture Israeli Jewish players high-fiving their Jordanian Muslim partners after each point with their sisters and brothers from other countries, including Pakistan and India, cheering together…

Linda is also a regular guest on the PickleballShow podcast with Chris Allen.

Linda lives in Maine and loves meeting new Picklers at National-level competitions, especially when playing Mixed Doubles with her husband, Chas.


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