Atlantic Pickleball

Atlantic Pickleball

The Fastest Growing Sport in America




Welcome to the Home of Atlantic Pickleball and the official USAPA Atlantic North Regional web site!

We’ve developed this site as a resource for anyone that finds this incredible sport as fun and amazingly “addictive” as we do. It’s also designed to be a source of information for new players just interested in learning more about this incredible game.

As one of the fastest growing regions for Pickleball in the US, we here in the beautiful State of Maine and the rest of the Northeast deifinitely take our Pickleball seriously! The Atlantic North region of the country has seen an amazing growth spike in both USAPA member and non-member players over the last handful of years.

Pickleball | Fastest Growing Sport in America


As recently suggested in the title of a national news story from Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News, Pickleball really is “The Fastest Growing Sport in America!”

Player participation is now into the hundreds of thousands in the US alone, and growing quite steadily. Areas such as the Atlantic North Region have some of the newest communities of players found in the 40+ year old sport, but also have some of the strongest growth rates in the country.

Atlantic North Region

The Atlantic North Region for the USA Pickleball Association stretches all the way up the Atlantic seaboard, starting in Virginia and ending in the Canadian Maritimes. Maine Pickleball If you live in or are traveling within this region, you’re almost sure to find a local drop in Pickleball venue.

Feel free to check out our Places to Play link through the USAPA, to find information on local venues including places & times to play. This service, in addition to many others, is offered by the USAPA to both member and non-member players.

New Players | Quick Learning Curve

The Atlantic Pickleball site is also designed to help introduce new potential players to the game who are interested in learning more about the sport or who’d like to give it a try for the first time.

It’s not uncommon to see a “day one” Pickleball player start playing competitively with other beginner and intermediate players, after as little as only 20 minutes of learning/practice time. This goes for all ages and is not limited to any particular level of racket sport experience.

Whether you are a competitive racket sport player looking for a new sport to challenge your court abilities or you’re simply someone just looking for a fun and social means of improving your overall health & fitness – without the pressures of competitive play, there is definitely a place for you in the sport of Pickleball!

Also, be sure to check out our Recent Articles page. We’ll be constantly publishing new and interesting content not only pertaining to pickleball, but that also covers a range of topics for anyone looking to live a healthier and happier life.

Pickleball | An EVEN Playing Field

Player ages in the sport range from as young as 13 years old straight through to the 90+ range. No exaggeration. Playing abilities range from “day one” beginners to serious competitors that compete in National Championships throughout the US. The sport can even be found being taught by Physical Education Instructors throughout public and private schools.

One of the most appealing aspects of this game, for so many, is this diversity in ages and playing abilities found on Pickleball courts across the country – possibly more so than in any other game out there. In a simple doubles match of Pickleball you can have 4 players standing on one court at any given time, all with varying abilities. Player ages could range from 20 years old to 70 years old – and the older players, more times than not, have just as much a chance of winning as the younger players do. Literally.

The playing field isn’t so much based on age in Pickleball as it is on skill and strategy. This is only one of the aspects that makes Pickleball such an addictive game for so many. It’s one of the reasons Pickleball has become The Fastest Growing Sport in America.


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  • Kathy D says:

    Aaron you have done great job with this website!

  • Milad says:

    Wow Aaron! This is amazing buddy…lots of work and it is awesome. Congrats on all of the hard work. Can’t wait to get the blog away 🙂

  • Gibby says:

    Great Job Aaron this really looks nice. Gibby

  • Marcia & Evan Livada says:

    Aaron great job! thanks for doing this for all of us.

  • Kerry says:

    Aaron ,
    Great job. Site looks terrific.
    Thanks for demoing this.

  • Bill Case says:

    Great job!! We’re still in Naples, FL but can’t wait to get back to play with the “north folks”. Hate to leave 85 degrees but really looking forward to be back home in Kennebunkport and play in all the new venues.

  • Walt Allan says:

    Dyn-o-mite site. Well organized and easy to navigate for all one’s pickle ball needs (except a better backhand).

  • Jim Ross says:

    Looks great, Aaron. Thanks for all you do!

  • Old Bob says:

    Congratulations to Aaron — Go back to when we all started playing PB in this area and to think that we now have our own website — amazing. Obviously , and Aaron would be the first one to deflect any compliments, this is the result of a lot of effort, a lot of time and tons of passion for the game of PB.
    Good on anyone who has had even a small part of this accomplishment.

    Old Bob

  • Toby Tyler says:

    Great job Aaron. Looking forward to getting home. Lots of play here in Florida but not the same. Looking forward to the June tournament and seeing everyone. Say hello for me. Toby.T.

  • Mac says:

    This really rocks! Your passion is on display here. Cudos

  • Jane Powers says:

    Aaron, This is fabulous! A huge thank you for getting the site up and running, and to all who helped in any way–thank you!

    I’ve been playing Pickleball since mid-February, and yes! It is slightly addicting, and terrifically fun. I don’t think I’ve met a group of people more welcoming and supportive and great to be around as my fellow PBAs, (Pickleball addicts).

    And a huge thank you to Ambassadors Rocky, (who responded to my initial e-mail in 12 minutes), and Aaron, who encourage and support new players, and helped all of us to stay organized and play our best–thanks guys!

    • adion says:

      Can’t imagine a nicer addition to our PB community than you Jane! We’re really glad you found us. Thanks so much for all the words of encouragement.

  • Jon Capozza says:

    Very impressive, good job! See you in a few weeks Jon

  • phil reeved says:

    Aaron, great job,it takes a lot of work to put this togather. I know the gals that do the atlantic south and amount of work they do..toby tyler turned me on to this new site. Looking foward to playing in maine this summer.

    • adion says:

      Thank you so much Phil!!! Please tell Toby we said hello. I’m sure we’ll be catching some matches together soon.

  • Jack Thomas says:

    Great job Aaron! The Atlantic Region is on FIRE! Keep on keepin’ on!

    • adion says:

      Thank you for the words of encouragement, Jack…Greatly appreciated!
      I suspect the next few years are going to be a fun ride for all of us.

  • Rocky Clark says:

    Two new Pickleball courts overlooking the beautiful Portland Head Light (see picture of the lighthouse above) just opened today. Come play, picnic and enjoy the Atlantic, near the headquarters for! Any out of state players playing at Fort Williams may be treated to a lobster roll if they call the right hosts on the right day!

  • Bob Wade says:

    Hi Aaron,

    A very solid job. Nice integration with the USAPA web site. Your passion and commitment to pickleball is exemplary! I appreciate your effort and hard work.


  • Aaron, Congratulations on the launch of the new website. Great job on creating a good looking face for the Atlantic North Region. Keep up the great work! -Rocket

    • adion says:

      Thank you Rodney, I’m glad you like the site. Really appreciate your kind words!!!
      I’m sorry I won’t be able to make your tournament this year with Paul. Will plan on shooting for next year though.
      Take care, Rodney


  • Rusty Howes says:

    Aaron it was great meeting you the other week and learning about the great community that is growing up in Maine. And great job on the site as well.

    Oh and thanks for letting us get in some play time. Definitely a highlight of our trip.

    Keep on playing!

    • adion says:

      Rusty, it was fantastic meeting you guys as well! Really glad you enjoyed yourself. We definitely enjoyed having you with us.
      Thanks for the kind words about our site. Much appreciated.
      Can’t wait to see the segments on the Pickleball Channel!!!!!!!!

  • Bill Robinson says:

    Just watched this week’s new video on The Pickleball Channel, and saw some folks whose names I recognize from this site — Rocky and Aaron, specifically. It was a lot of fun seeing you guys on camera, and getting to see pickleball being played (and enjoyed by all different age groups, from young kids through Boomers who are, well, my age) at the grass-roots level in a different part of the country.

    Thanks for the great video, Rusty. Well done, everyone up there in Maine! Thanks for letting us come and visit you. 🙂

    Neptune Beach, FL.

  • Rocky Clark says:

    I really like the homepage slide show. I like that it is showing more and more of the young people that are enjoying the game too!

  • adion says:

    Thanks Rocky! It still amazes me how diverse of a sport Pickleball really is.

  • DJ Rosenblad says:

    Nice job on the website Aaron! See you on the courts.DJ

  • Charles says:

    My name is Charles Wodicka and I am one of the Managers here at Aviator Sports and Events Center in Brooklyn. I just wanted to reach out to you because we are having a free open house for pickleball Thursday May 28th from 10a-12. This is the first pickleball event we will be having here and since we are very new to this I was wondering if you had suggestions or could provide any assistance with us launching this new endeavor.


  • Leslie Picker says:

    A few of us are trying to start a Pickleball club in our community in Havre de Grace, MD, and have angered tennis players. There was an attempt by the manager to have lines painted in a different color on one of the two courts, and the tennis players wouldn’t let the employee do the job! We are at a standstill and I don’t know how to proceed. There is a board meeting next month and I’d like any help as to how to placate the irate tennis members, yet get our needs met. Any ideas? Also, are there any rules as to what color is used on the court?


  • Terri J says:

    Super Job Aaron! Looking forward to seeing everybody thissummer!

  • Mike Watty says:

    We are members of the PebbleCreek Pickleball Club in Goodyear, AZ and are hosting a pickleball trip to Jamaica in December. We’d like to invite pickleball fanatics to join us for our Jammin’ Jamaica Pickleball vacation trip from December 13 – 20, 2017. This exciting adventure will be held at Sandals South Coast Resort in Whitehouse, Jamaica.

    Our trip is designed for pickleball players and non-players alike. The week will include pickleball tournaments, clinics and fun events for players at all skill levels. Players as well as non-players will enjoy all the included luxury amenities only a Sandals Resort can offer.

    Former PebbleCreek club president and current USAPA Training Chairman, Pat Murphy, will be joining us and organizing the clinics as well as overseeing the events.

    If you would like more information about the Jammin’ Jamaica Pickleball vacation trip, please look over the attached flier or go to our website, and look under the “Upcoming Trips” tab.

    See you on the courts,

    Mike and Cindy Watty

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