Atlantic Pickleball

Atlantic Pickleball

The Fastest Growing Sport in America


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07/31/14     Introducing the Sport of Pickleball. NBC Connecticut. J.W. Stewart.

06/30/14     What in the World is Pickleball?. Kennebec Journal. Evan Crawley.

05/04/14     Pickleball – The Way Sports Should Be. Maine Sunday Telegram. Jeanne Zarrilli

05/02/14     Pickleball in Your Neighborhood. The Pickleball Channel. Rusty Howes.

03/18/14    “Fastest Growing Sport in America.”  NBC National Nightly News, Brian Williams,

02/03/14     Pickleball, Maine’s Fastest Growing Sport.  Split Screen, Shannon Moss.

09/09/13     Pickleball is Sweeping the State.  NBC 6, Bill Green, Green Outdoors

07/17/13     Young and Old Catch Pickleball Fever Portland Press Herald, Glenn Jordan

07/15/13     Pickleball Champions Share Their Workout. Wall Street Journal, Angela Chen

06/24/13     How to Play Pickleball  NBC, San Diego

12/29/12     Phoenix at Center of Growing Sport – Pickleball  USA Today

10/14/10     Move Over Tennis – Pickleball is Here!  Wall Street Journal Live, Anne Tergesen

07/23/08     Want to Play Pickleball?  ABC News – Good Morning America



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  • Arun s says:

    I keep hearing it being compared to other racket sports. Yes it is like a combination of badminton,table tennis and tennis.
    But I think they need to make a distinction here to lessen the overall confusion in perception.
    If you think about it, in table tennis you can’t do any volleys, in badminton you must only do volleys since there’s no bounce. So it’s more like a condensed form of tennis where you can do both.
    There are a couple of restrictions and requirements as in the one bounce rule prior to volleying and the kitchen area ( no volley zone ) which tennis players usually fall victim to. Thx !

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