Atlantic Pickleball

Atlantic Pickleball

The Fastest Growing Sport in America


 Pickleball Rules


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  • Rocky Clark says:

    Checkout paddle rules. The new wooden paddle, Pickleball New England “York” model was just tested and approved by the USAPA. The first ever manufactured “made in Maine” Pickleball paddle.

    Product highlights:
    No “dead spots” after a year
    Custom grip
    Semi flat grip for accurate feel of paddle angle
    Green vs plastic
    Quieter than graphite and composite paddles
    Easy to maintain appearance
    Low cost (half of high end paddles)
    Higher Deflection Force
    Newton’s Second Law: Force= Mass times Acceleration
    Try our 13 oz paddle and never have to take a full swing ever again

  • adion says:

    Nice Job Rocky!!!!

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