Atlantic Pickleball

Atlantic Pickleball

The Fastest Growing Sport in America



The Fastest Growing Sport in America

In 1965 the incredible sport we have come to know as pickleball was born. As we know the history of the sport today, the game of pickleball came to be as a result of three men from Bainbridge Island, WA looking to create an entertaining game that “the whole family could play together.”  Little did they know then just what their backyard creation would one day become.

In 1984, the USAPA was “organized to perpetuate the growth and advancement of pickleball at a national level.”

Now, more than 30 years later, the USAPA has grown into the largest organized, governing body for the sport of pickleball in the world. There are now over 2,000 places to play listed on the USAPA site – a number that incredibly has more than doubled since 2010.

Player participation has now reached into the hundreds of thousands, nationwide.

Help Grow and Support an Amazing Sport!

Atlantic Pickleball is in independently created organization designed to support member and non-member pickleball players within the USAPA’s Atlantic North Region of the United States and Canada.

Despite being an independent organization, here in the Northeast you are sure to find some of the strongest supporters of USAPA pickleball anywhere in the country. This membership support has no doubt played a large part in the strong growth and success of the sport here in the region in recent years.

Without the creation and continuous efforts of the USAPA, it’s doubtful that the sport of pickleball USAPA pickleballwould have grown even close to the level we see today.

Please consider becoming a member of the USAPA!

By joining the USAPA we all help to support, grow and shape the future of a sport we have come to love so much.

Simply put, there is strength in numbers. And by becoming a member not only do you gain a “voice” within the pickleball community, you also help to strengthen that community and to elevate the sport to even newer and higher levels.

blue_back_thumbSo, What Does $25 get You? 

There are multiple levels at which you can become a USAPA member. But for as little as only $25 you will receive all of the following membership benefits:

  • USAPA T-Shirt (New Members & Multi-Year Renewals)
  • Official Membership Card
  • Secondary Medical Insurance in Sanctioned Events
  • ‘Partner Search’ on USAPA Website
  • Points for USAPA Sanctioned Tournaments
  • Discount on USAPA Net System
  • Access to USAPA ‘Member Only’ Store
  • USAPA Monthly Newsletter
  • Official IFP Rulebook (Multi-Year Renewals)
  • Access to Discount Network
  • USAPA Window Decal
  • Membership ‘Look-Up’ on USAPA Website
Become a Member Today

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  • Rocky Clark says:

    What does the $25 get me besides everything listed above?

    In Maine and at many locations your local Ambassador will give you a private lesson ($50 value) if you become a USAPA member.
    Most importantly, your membership helps grow pickleball in your local areas by providing special grants (up to $250 to buy nets and paddles) and lobbying power in communities. When I go to town or city official I’m able to say we have over 130 USAPA members in Maine and please consider painting a basketball or tennis court for us. Instead of ….” we have some pickleball players around and we’d like….”

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